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Urban modern apartment

The project was designed for a young family and completely changed its vision. The warm tones of beige and its gray shades are at the basis of the colour palette. It is 65m2 and it is divided on living room, double bedroom, kitchen and dining room, and bathroom. The terrace is organized into three different areas - cooking area, transition area with bar counter and area for relax with small sofa at the end. The mail feature of the design is the stone. The furnitures are mainly made by wood or materials that simulate wooden texture. Some of the walls are painted in light beige colour and some of them are decorated with Venetian spirit plaster. The beauty of the textures is emphasised with LED lighting and the design of the ceiling. Due to the location of the apartment and the lack of natural light, the doors are designed with frosted glass and the translucency allows the light to pass through. As general the space is above basements which brings additional cold to the space and that was solved with appropriate underfloor heating.