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Brunel House - co-living

“LA CASA DEL ARCO” is a conceptual project based on new arrivals in the city, their socialization and feelings. The project combines economic, culture, sociology and

psychology as shapes an interdisciplinary approach to the problem with the urban


It is considered that the psychological impact of the geometry and colours could bring positivity, well-being and adaptation to the new environment, which benefit the society.

Using an approach of creating new spaces that help and welcome young professionals

in the city could bring a sustanable economical development of the country.

Used since ancient times, the main element in this design is the ARCH, which is not

just an architectural element, but also it creates feelings. The arch is often connected with sunrise, rainbow or a gate to something sublime and gives an idea of freedom and vastness. In this project, the arches are implemented and modified in a different way and also used as a dividing tool within the building, as in same time keep the spaes

open and welcome inhabitants to share emotions.

Brunel House - co-living