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"CAMINO" - cancer - tango dance

“CAMINO” is a conceptual project based on the idea of using the

tango dance as a recovery therapy intended for people affected with

cancer. As we're sure this disease leaves behind a permanent stigma in

every affected person and their families, the main idea is to “bring them

back to normal life”.

The project develops a concept that combines physiotherapy,

therapy for stress releasing, and socialization. To do that is proposed a

composition of activities which include tango dance lessons, music,

special events and to involve family participants in the process.

“CAMINO” considers an interdisciplinary approach to the problem

with this disease to provide a solution and help people in all aspects of

their life. The concept draws knowledge from several academic fields like

Sociology, Science, Art, Anthropology, Musicology, Psychology,

Humanities, Philosophy, Mathematics, Dermatology and other disciplines

and combines them to create an idea thinking across boundaries. Every

detail in “Camino” is designed from the human for the human with the

desire to help society in the difficult times they have to deal with.

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